Ökumenischer Science Slam auf Zoom

This science slam wants to make available to a larger public the wonderful
aspects of science that students get in their everyday studies in this city of
science. Every student and faculty staff is invited to participate with a short
and creative oral presentation of about five to ten minutes. We encourage
people from different fields to share with our community the great secrets of
your field. If you want, you can get inspired by these general questions: What
great knowledge of your field have you gained and you were so amazed by
it that you would like everyone to know about it? In which concrete way con
tributes your field to making the world a better place for humanity? How has
an aspect from your field contributed to sustainability, peace, wellbeing
of peoples, spiritual or material improvement? You can also, independently
from these questions, share with us past oral presentations and conferences.


Art der Veranstaltung